These Blessings

On this July Sunday when the sun is shining
and the air is clear, you will have to forgive us
for being immersed in this half-puréed
delicious cool colourful Canadian gazpacho
we have created, as though we have
no cares in the world and this is all that matters.

I know that you might not be experiencing the same
lightness and freedom where you live on this earth
in the United States or Syria or Somalia – that is,
these blessings that we live with everyday, and pray
and advocate so that someday you will, too.

To the south of us so many innocents are being shot
and to the east refugees are multiplying
into overburdened cities – those who have endured
being battered by the sea then tossed upon
uncertain shores with only each other, and hope.

But here, today, people just like you are creating this place
where Indigenous People come together with Congolese
and Mexicans, East Indians, Iraqis, and Ethiopians.
Today we have tasted the food they have made
and danced to the music they have played.
No need to be encircled by police with batons and shields
(they are busy dancing and eating, too.)

Amid all of the singing and dancing and music,
I do think of you wherever you live on this earth
and I am thankful for what your country
and your culture add to our one shared life here
where difference and diversity are wildly woven
into our national identity, and where celebrating us
means celebrating you, too.


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