Continuing to Love Life

If the universe has a heart, it must be breaking
as it looks at life on earth in July 2016.
That is, the life on earth that humans
are responsible for; the one that feels
like it’s dangerously close to unraveling.

All the more reason why we must continue
to love life in all of its ordinary moments
especially when there is so much fear
and confusion and sadness sown with each new day.
The animals and plants and trees,

the mountains and the seas
must shake their heads as they look at
the highly evolved species we humans are
and see people choosing to bring about such pain, and conflict,
and uncertainty in so many of the places we find ourselves.

Thank the gods and goddesses
that nature continues her work of renewal
silently, unseen, and almost imperceptibly
despite the obstacles we throw
in the fragile pathway we all walk together.

I promise to work with you today, dear earth, our home,
to counter what is not loving and life enhancing
with my confidence, my dancing, and my simple resolute song.
Today I will ‘be the change I wish to see’ [Ghandi] and participate in the revolution for good
with you, wherever you are.

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My sister, Teresa, and husband Roy (the photographer) with their son, Dan, on the road in Australia somewhere between Sydney and Melbourne, continuing to love life in these uncertain times.

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