This Matters

This morning I heard the Buddha say,

Cultivating good thoughts matters.
Performing good actions matters. Everyday.
This practice can change the world.

I knew then I needed to let go of
the waiting and hoping for a revolution
that would overthrow the dark peddlers
of destruction with their semi-automatic rifles
and their hatred; the ones who were stealthily
patrolling neighborhood streets and cafes,
lost, and spewing cynicism and retaliation
in the name of a God who had not asked
to be enlisted or involved in any of this.

Then and there I got up, put on my purple jacket
of hope and and went outside to the streets
where I knew I would meet familiar strangers
wanting to be listened to, waiting to be heard,
and hoping to be freed from the prison of indifference
and invisibility where they had been relegated
to spend their days. For I remembered
wisdom from another time and place that said
some revolutions of change begin in coffee shops
by first imagining a future with others
who are different and yet the same.


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    well said jo

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