Longido Brilliance

Your many-faceted brilliance
is about you being
not about their seeing.

I know how, at precisely
the same time each morning
at around 7:40 a.m.,
the rising sun finds
that sliver of an opening
in the roof where the iron sheets
do not quite meet,
then the almost transparent
dangling crystal hanging
from the crossbeam awakens.
For a few brief moments,
as you serve strong Tanzanian coffee
and warm chapatis with honey
there comes the morning manifestation
slowly dancing in soft muted tones
of yellow, and blue, and purple
high on the grey walls
above the bright Maasai shukas
that surround the wooden tables
scattered throughout the courtyard.

If those who come are absorbed
in one thing only, that is,
satisfying their own hunger
they will miss the moment
of a miraculous seeming
as their food and drink are served
and afterwards as they go
their individual ways.
It’s one that waits to be made,
not once, but many times
in that face, and that one, and that one
on the dusty village streets
where there has never been such a thing
as an ordinary woman
carrying water or firewood or children
on her small slender back.


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    Marian Roks

    This poem makes my heart stop. I have seen the relections of the crystal on the walls and in the faces.

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