From Frost

I wanted to decipher
messages left early this morning
by the frost, so we set out
as the sun was just coming up
and in no hurry to dispel
the layer of white fog we walked into.

At the dog park
Gracie wasn’t the least bit interested
in what I was. She sniffed everything
ahead of us and beside us,
occasionally looking at the composition
on my iPhone screen as I stooped low.

As people with their dogs passed by,
I could hardly lift my eyes from the ground
because everything clamored
for my attention: the reds and the greens
and the yellows; the wood chips
and the slowly rotting leaves; and even
the usually uninteresting grey wire fence
that sparkled with brilliant dew drops.

The chatter was soft and constant
because so much had silently
been transformed right here
since this time yesterday
when the morning had been colder
and crystal clear about its intentions.
Nature knew about the unstoppable
movement of change better than I did.

What there was to be deciphered
was wordless and happened internally,
when I breathed in, then out with amazement,
at all that I saw as we walked.
I picked up nothing, I purchased nothing
yet I was enriched with a deeper kind of knowing,
and I vowed I would use this today to create
a more mindful way of being in the world.



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    great comment on nature and introspection Jo. ironically as i over looked the park across the street and gazed at the rainbow of colors, i suddenly realized the trees in their own way were growing gray. the gray on my head makes me understand the autumn of my life facing me. some day we too shall shed our leaves.

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