Winter Mystery

It is impossible to understand mystery
and I am baffled by even the smallest things.
Like the perfect arrangement of petals that will
come from inside the yellow tree peony that sleeps
under the snow in our yard right now;
or how the Monarch Butterfly that migrates
from Canada in the Fall is not the same one
that arrives in Mexico for the winter.
Or how the moon whispers daily instructions about
rising and falling to the ocean tides. Not to mention
how eyes can be opened and hearts changed
when hope had long ago been abandoned.

It is enough to ask each day simply to be
lost in mystery and to stand speechless
before it’s unfolding, right here and where you are.
In the not knowing we will understand perfectly
though it will probably take decades and
a lot of disappointment, even heartbreak and tears.

Even so, what an accomplishment in one lifetime.

Choose to be a part of this unstoppable unfolding
and live in the rhythms like the wise ones
with wings and fins and four legs and branches.
Wonder at it all, and that we are part of
the magnificent flourishing of the universe
endlessly recreating itself every day.


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    Marian Roks

    Wow. Beautiful reflection.

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