About Me

Jo Marchant with Longido friends Mama Nai and Mary Laizer in December 2016.

I’m Jo Marchant and welcome to my blog, Purple Thought Stream. I have used blogs for years to keep in touch with people during my travels. I find writing is a good way to process life as I am experiencing it and, since I am very visual, photography is a big part of this processing, too.

I love to travel and to be in nature, and both of these are directly related to how I see the world. It’s our only home and it belongs to us all and needs to be cherished: people in all their different cultures, and the natural world and all the animals. My heroes and mentors are people who work to make life better for the vulnerable and the forgotten, be they human or non-human.

In 2005, I co-founded Project TEMBO (Tanzania Education and Micro-Business Opportunity) in Canada to work in Tanzania, East Africa. The purpose was to provide secondary and vocational school opportunities for girls, and micro-business loans for women. The focus was two specific locations in the north, Longido Town and Kimokouwa Village. During the 15 years I made trips to Africa, I learned a lot about international development work and still have a keen interest in life unfolding in such a vibrant and beautiful part of the world. Here are links to some of the blogs I kept while travelling to do project work:

Return Journey to Tanzania (2006) http://projectembo.blogspot.ca/

The Year of the TEMBO Guesthouse (2008) http://temboprojectnews.blogspot.ca/

Walking With TEMBO (2012) http://walkingwithtembo.blogspot.ca/



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